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Parent Testimonials

Real References

Just read what some parents are saying about the SoccerTots® classes. The following comments are from past session's parent evaluations.

"Tyler LOVES SoccerTots! He would go everyday if he could. We feel like Tyler is always challenged and learning great foundation skills to build on. Thanks Coach Dave!"

Jen & Bobby Reed | League City, TX

"I like the format of the class vs joining a soccer league - more technique and basics. Thanks!"

Danielle Davis | Sugar Land, TX

"We love the SoccerTots program. The games played are cleverly designed to be fun, develop motor skills, and foster a love for the sport. Sofia is only 2 and I am amazed at the coordination and confidence she has developed through the class. My husband and I also love the class because it is such a fun way to bond with our daughter through interactive play. SoccerTots is a something we all look forward to each week. Juan deserves much, if not all, of the credit for all of this, he is a superb coach."

Claudia Antanaitis | Houston, TX

"We had a very wonderful time and great coach. Coach Coco was very good with our twin girls and got their names down the first day. This was our second semester with SoccerTots and Coach Coco and the girls have shown more improvements with listening and following directions. They are very shy and clingy with mommy but have grown to know their coach her name and that they are going to soccer practice. That says alot for one year olds. I can't praise Coach Coco enough for working so well with my girls. Thank You!"

Marilyn & Edward Sanchez | South Houston, TX

"The coaches are wonderful when they work with the children and very patient with each child. They understand that the younger children are not able to follow instructions as well or as quickly as older children. My daughter loves this class and asks about it all week until it is time to go back! Great program!"

Kara Day-Hafaida | League City, TX

"My son loves Soccer Tots and we look forward to taking him and watching him play every weekend. His coach is fantastic. He's patient and excellent with the group. Every week he has new drills and activities for the children to do, which keeps their interests high (not an easy thing to do). We are getting ready to sign him up for another session soon."

Rachel Rogers | Sugar Land, TX

"Jordan really enjoys SoccerTots. He loves to go and run about with the other children. It has improved his listening skills and I am just amazed on how well he can dribble the ball now. When he starts PreK next year and joins a soccer team, I can see that he will be confident in the skills that he has learned in SoccerTots. He also really likes Coach Juan. Coach Juan is very patient with the children and has a great time. Jordan insisted for us to sign him up for the spring session. He is in swimming and another sports classes at the gym and I thought it may have been too much. But he really said he wanted to sign up again for SoccerTots and he is one to be truthful at age 3.5 years old. I am happy that I found a class like this one."

Jennifer Neslony | Houston, TX

"We Love taking our little monkey to have tons of fun at SoccerTots!!! We love the fact that the coaches are so patience (we had experimented 2 different coaches) and both are excellent!!! ... My son Alex doesn't speak fluently yet but he keeps saying the same thing the entire week until Saturday comes: 'Mommy, Kick ball... monkey house-coach... a star in my hand' - for me that means he loves it!"

Jeanny Juncosa | Webster, TX

"We love SoccerTots! How many sessions is this for us now? 4, 5, more? I don't know ... all I know is that Anastasia's growth in this sport from Day #1, till now, is night and day. Day #1, she was like a fragile butterfly who could barely kick a ball, to the girl who approaches the soccer ball (and all of SoccerTots' activities) with confidence. This confidence carries over into many other activities she endeavors and I can sincerely chalk it up to SoccerTots. Obviously, the coaches are carefully chosen to be the perfect fit for this quality program. The curriculum is unique, and age appropriate. Our plan is to stay w/ SoccerTots until she gets to play on a soccer team. I can hardly wait to see that day when all of her experience from SoccerTots shows when she joins her very 1st team."

Veronika Alker | Houston, TX

"The class is wonderful, the coach is very friendly and has a range of games that my son loves. The class helps the kids learn to listen, follow directions, interact with others, and exercise all while having fun. I've already signed my son up for the next session but in Pasadena this time."

Megan Harmer | La Porte, TX

"My son has had a wonderful first experience with SoccerTots! He loves his coach and enjoys all the activities. His coach is encouraging and patient. She also has her games very organized. My son missed one session and the coordinator made sure to set up a make-up session at another location. Everyone I have spoken to at SoccerTots has been very friendly and helpful. We will sign up for another session again!"

S. Marney | Pearland, TX

"We have been so impressed with SoccerTots. My twins have learned coordination, gross motor skillls and to follow intsructions. This has been a great experience for our twins! Thank you SoccerTots!"

Hala Ahmad | Houston, TX

"This is such a great opportunity for little kids to have fun and learn about a team sport. I really like that it's indoor soccer especially given the vagaries of Houston weather (spring pollen, rain, and soon to be awful humidity). Coach Dave and Coach Juan have different styles but they are both great, and have an amazing amount of patience with little kids whose attention spans are fairly short. I'm so glad we found out about the program!"

Suzanne Scheve | Houston, TX

"Tyler LOVED the class and looked forward to seeing Coach Jeff each Saturday. He imitated playing the games at home and he would love to go everyday if he could! We can't wait to start the next session!"

The Reed Family | League City, TX

"We've moved here from Maryland now for 1 year. I'm just so HAPPY to have found an indoor Soccer class for my 2 year old boy. This is the only way I would allow him to play away from the beating heat of Houston Summer."

Holly Phan-Tran | Houston, TX

"My husband, friends and I love SoccerTots not only because it provides an opportunity for our children to burn off energy but the interaction and friendship they build with the other students are wonderful to see. It helps them to learn to socialize at a young age which they can further develop along the way. Also, our son seems to be so chatty and excited after each class that it makes us so happy we decided to sign him up for SoccerTots. Also, the staff there is great ... the instructor is always very friendly and happy to be around the kids and the administrative staff is responsive and helpful. Would definitely recommend SoccerTots to anyone with kids (boy or girl). And have done so many times!!"

Ann Tran | Sugar Land, TX

"We were very, very pleased with the SoccerTots program...Colin talks all week about SoccerTots and really looks forward to class! My husband and I have been amazed at how Colin’s motor skills have improved over the last few weeks, too. We’re really looking forward to continuing classes!"

Kiza Moore | Friendswood, TX

"We have been very pleased with the skills our kids are learning. Our daughter has motor delays and the class has helped her tremendously. It has also helped with social for both."

Rene Summers | Pasadena, TX

"Instructors and director really work well with John. John’s an unofficial 'coach' and that suits him just fine. Course satisfies need for exercise and social interaction.”

Anne Pitts | Seabrook, TX

"I was pleasantly surprised at the age appropriateness of the activities. My son loved to play soccer and I think it has build up some skills and self-confidence in him. Thank you!"

Bianca Medico | Houston, TX

"I love this program for my child. He enjoys the classes and gets a great physical workout. It is suitable for his age."

Monica Briones | Houston, TX

"My twins had so much fun. They couldn't wait to get to soccer each week. Coach Tiffanie was so kind and patient with the children!"

Valerie Turpin | Friendswood, TX

"The content of the class was great. I got a lot of ideas to share with family members who can in return work with Jacob. I thought the activities were very creative in order to teach them soccer skills as well as coordination while having fun. I am looking forward to enrolling Jacob again after the holidays."

Teri Walline (Jacob's grandmother) | Pasadena, TX