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SoccerTots Houston South | Company Policies

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General Information

  • Classes meet once per week.
  • Each class lasts 50 minutes.
  • Children should wear loose-fitting clothing and sneakers (sandals or dress shoes not recommended); please bring something to drink for water break.
  • Parent participation classes (Teddies and Teddies II): please allow only one parent per child on the playing field. This will allow for more focus and attention to the activities.
  • Absolutely no food, drinks or gum during class.
  • Please arrive 10 minutes before class time; all classes will start on time.
  • Liability Waiver Form: all parents of participants are required to sign this document on behalf of their child prior to stepping on to the field. There are no exceptions to this rule. Should you not sign this document, your child will not be allowed to participate and no credits or refunds will be issued. If you registered online, you may have already signed a Waiver. We also provide blank Waivers at each facility, but you are more than welcome to download our SoccerTots Waiver here and bring the completed form to class.

Registration Process

  • Classes are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. If your preferred class time is full, please contact the office to be added to the Waiting List.

Registration Fee

  • The Annual Registration Fee per child is due upon your initial sign-up registration. This charge will be required annually upon your anniversary date.
  • This fee is subject to change at the discretion of the organization and will supersede any price that may be posted online or in outdated informational brochures.
  • The Registration Fee is non-refundable.


  • Payment is required on or before your first day of class of the session. Only payment in full secures your child's spot in a class. No reserving or holding spots will be permitted. We accept most major credit cards. Payment may be made through the web site, or over the phone.
  • T-shirts will be provided to paid registrants in Week 3 of the session.
  • A $25.00 fee will be assessed for all returned checks.

Sibling Discount

  • All siblings receive a 30% discount for classes.
  • The Sibling Discount also applies to pro-rated classes.
  • The Sibling Discount cannot be combined with any other discounts.

Trial Class Policy and Information

  • Our Trial Class Program allows you to try the program without committing to the session.
  • Please call the office at 713.429.5312 to schedule your no-obligation Trial Class to ensure that: a) the class has made; b) there are no last-minute class cancellations or facility closures; and c) there is space availability. Please DO NOT show up to class without first registering your child in the appropriate class.
  • Payment is also required on or before your first day of your Trial Class. If you choose to remain in the class, you will be charged for the Trial Class. Should you decide not to continue with our program and would like a full refund, you must contact a member of management at our office as soon as possible, and prior to your second scheduled class. If the refund request is made on or after your second scheduled class, you will be charged for both the first class and a $15 administration fee.
  • NOTE: Please contact us if you cannot attend your Trial Class. We limit the number of trials for many reasons so it is important you show up for your scheduled time. We ask this out of common courtesy to ourselves, the instructors and other participants who may have wanted to try that class but were wait-listed because of your trial. We strive for common courtesy and politeness as a company value and would ask the same of you. Thank you.

Pro-rated Session Fee

  • We encourage customers to join classes with open spots after the session has started for a pro-rated fee.
  • Customers must pay for a class spot whether or not your child can attend. Therefore, pro-rated fees are calculated based on the number of classes remaining in the session and NOT the number of classes a customer can attend.
  • Classes can be pro-rated for customers once the session is in progress but not before the first class of the session.
  • Customers who cannot attend all the remaining classes in a session can make up classes within the same session at any of our locations subject to space availability. Please read our Make-up Class Policy below.

Make-up Class Policy

  • We understand that there are times when customers are unable to attend a class. Please call the office in advance when you are going to miss a class.
  • Please call the office at 713.429.5312 to ensure that: a) the class has made; b) there are no last-minute class cancellations or facility closures; and c) there is space availability. Please DO NOT show up to class without first contacting the office to confirm your make-up class. If your child's name is not on our coach's "make-up list" and the class is FULL, our coach has the right to refuse entry to the class. This is purely for the safety of the children and the quality of our program.
  • We will try to provide the best class times and location alternatives that have space availability.
  • We cannot guarantee that an appropriate time, class level or location is available for a make-up class, but we will try to accommodate your request.
  • Due to limited space and other possible customers wait-listed for the same full class, we ask that you attend your make-up class as we cannot reschedule another make-up.
  • Make-up classes MUST BE SCHEDULED WITHIN THE SAME SESSION in which your child is registered. If preferred make-up times are not available before the end of the session, we cannot refund for missed classes. We allow a maximum of 2 class credits to be applied to future PAID sessions. Missed classes cannot be transferred to siblings or other participants and have no monetary value.

SoccerTots Class Credits

  • If your child misses two or more classes within one session but cannot attend any make-up classes within the same session, we allow a maximum of TWO class credits to be applied to future PAID sessions.
  • Class credit(s) cannot be used for future sessions if you have not registered and paid for the session.
  • Class credit(s) cannot be used for walk-ins, e.g. if you have not registered and paid for the session.
  • Class credit(s) cannot be redeemed from previous sessions prior to your last session.
  • Class credit(s) cannot be transferred to any other participants.
  • Class credits have no monetary value (i.e. not refundable).
  • Class credits are valid for up to 12 months.


  • Should you decide not to continue with our program and would like a full refund, you must email your written request to as soon as possible, and prior to your second scheduled class. If, however, the refund request is made after your second scheduled class, you will be charged for the first class, plus any subsequent scheduled classes up to the date of the refund request, and a $15 administration fee.
  • No refunds will be issued after registration for the current session has been closed. Registration is closed 4 weeks prior to the last scheduled class each session.
  • In the event that SoccerTots must cancel a class before the start of a session, and cannot place your child in a comparable class, a full refund will be issued.
  • In the event that SoccerTots must cancel a class after the start of a session, only the remaining class fees will be refunded. In this case, the Registration Fee is non-refundable, but will be credited and valid for twelve months towards future sessions.
  • If you paid by credit card, please allow 3-5 days for refunds. If you paid by cash or check, refunds will be issued on the last Friday of the month.

Age Appropriateness

  • We strongly recommend children participate in the proper age appropriate classes as defined by our literature and web site. The proper class is determined by the child's age at the first class of the session. Any exceptions must be approved by SoccerTots management and will be assessed for suitability by the instructor in the first class of the session.

Drop-Off Policy

  • SoccerTots classes are NOT drop-off classes. Parents or caregivers of all participants must stay in the building or vicinity during classes in case your child needs assistance.

Class Schedule Changes or Delays

  • SoccerTots sometimes must delay or cancel classes where enrollment is fewer than three children. When we delay the start date of a class, any classes missed due to delay will be pro-rated.
  • We will make every effort to enroll your child in another class should this occur.
  • Since classes that are less than three students will be subject to schedule changes, please have a second class choice time and/or location in mind.
  • Should SoccerTots cancel classes due to unforeseen circumstances, customers will receive a class credit.
  • Occasionally, at the beginning of a session, we will choose to hold classes with three children enrolled with the hope of picking up more registrants as the session progresses. Customer-help in filling up small classes is strongly welcomed.
  • We strive for full classes but we cannot guarantee that some classes will not have a small number of participants.
  • We reserve the right to modify our schedules. This can happen at any time but more often during the first weeks of a session. We schedule multiple classes back-to-back and from time to time there will be situations where classes do not make and we have to consolidate our schedule, which also may result in changes to class times. We try to minimize these modifications as much as possible. We will contact customers via phone and/or email that we have listed in our system to communicate any schedule changes as soon as possible.

Siblings and Extra Family Members

  • Younger siblings are welcome to observe the class but for safety reasons we cannot allow these younger children to walk and crawl around the field and play with equipment in the same area as the class.
  • Older siblings are welcome to watch but due to the focus and attention required in these classes we cannot allow them to participate. Older children will be asked to leave the field should they be a distraction to the class.
  • Additional family members are also welcome to watch but we allow only one family member at a time on the field with the child. For safety reasons, please alternate between each family member to assist with the parent-participation classes (Teddies I and Teddies II).

Sick Children

  • Please do not bring sick children to class. Children deemed sick will be lead to the parent or caregiver and asked not to participate. We kindly ask that you consider other children and our instructors by keeping sick children at home.

Instructor Substitutions

  • We schedule our instructors to avoid any unnecessary staff absences; however, at times an instructor may be unavoidably absent. Should your instructor be absent, we will provide a competent substitute. In the extreme case, when no substitute can be provided, we will arrange a make-up class or issue a credit worth the full value of the class. We at no time guarantee the same instructor all session long although we do work hard to maintain this continuity.